How to draw the perfect eyebrow shape?


How to use Waterproof Precision Slim Eyebrow Pencil?
1- Comb eyebrows with eyebrow brush.
2- Swivel out the nib.
3- Directly draw on the eyebrows with upward strokes to create the original eyebrow feeling.
4- Draw denser lines to modify the desired position to achieve a more refined makeup effect.
5- Comb the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush and blend the product into the eyebrows.

How to use Outline Eyebrow?
1- From the side of the nose through the eyes, pull a straight line upwards, which is the brow position.
2- Draw a straight line from the alar of the nose through the outside of the pupil, which is the position of the eyebrow peak.
3- Draw a straight line from the wing of the nose through the end of the eye, which is the position of the end of the eyebrow...

How to draw eyebrow shape?
1- Draw from the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow to avoid too dark eyebrow color.
2- Start from the waist of the brow and paint the color outward to create a natural brow makeup.
3- Finally, sweep from the brow to the eyebrow peak.

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